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The KMC KS433 Forged Mesa Beadlock wheel is designed to withstand any terrain and outperform the elements. The Mesa Beadlock’s Raw Machined finish lends itself to the no nonsense nature of the wheel and instead showcases its performance defining capabilities. From the trails of Ocala to the crags of Moab, outfit your ATV or UTV with this beadlock contender. 

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Less Slip. More Rip.

Our Bead Retention System is designed for drivers seeking a road-friendly yet off-road-capable performance wheel for their vehicle. We accomplish this by strategically machining grooves in the wheel’s bead seats, increasing traction and tire stability when running lower tire pressures. This technology allows off-roaders to improve their performance in rough terrain while ensuring their rig remains in legal compliance on the road.

Specifications Chart

Part# Model Finish Size Bolt Pattern Backspace Offset Bore Weight Load Lip Size Cap MSRP USD
KS43356048538A KS433 MESA BEADLOCK FORGED RAW MACHINED FORGED 15X6 4X137 5.00 38mm 99.10 15.83 lbs 1200 0.00 NO CAP $450.00
KS43356044538A KS433 MESA BEADLOCK FORGED RAW MACHINED FORGED 15X6 4X156 5.00 38mm 119.10 15.83 lbs 1200 0.00 NO CAP $450.00

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